Separation & Divorce

Separation-&-Divorce01Divorce, by definition, is a life changing event.  Most people facing the prospect of divorce are convinced that their life will be changing for the worse. This is particularly true where children are involved.

The process of divorce can be messy too.  Most states, like Florida, have adopted a formal dispute resolution process modeled on the rules governing lawsuits.  It’s hard to see what good can come from a process that requires one spouse to sue the other, and where virtual strangers make decisions that can affect the family forever.

Too many family law professionals limit their view on the breakdown of the marriage as a financial and legal event.  They are focused on dealing with what they’ve been trained to do.  They may recognize the pain, but many times they are ill-equipped or unwilling to help their clients deal with the emotional and psychological impact of divorce.  The adversarial system feeds on a family’s dysfunction. Lots of energy is expended in responding to the actions and reactions of couples at war. And if attorneys are involved, energy means higher fees.

Separation-&-Divorce02Fortunately, there are forward-thinking professionals who recognize the fact that many times the process is more painful than the emotional impact of the breakup.  Your divorce professional should be committed to processes that empower families to resolve their issues efficiently, peacefully and at a pace that is comfortable for them.  The Peaceful Divorce Model™ affords our clients and their families a user-friendly method of striving for and achieving resolution of intra-family conflicts. Peaceful resolutions happen when professionals work cooperatively, not antagonistically, in an environment that encourages transparency and acting with integrity.

Family conflict that results in a separation or divorce can be painful. Resolutions that are the product of compromise help to insure that future conflicts are not as painful.  Our commitment is to assisting you through the challenges you face as you endeavor to repair or move beyond your marital relationship with the goal of restoring greater peace to your life.

At Mulhall Family Matters, we have experience in assisting clients in virtually all aspects of separation and divorce, including the following:

  • Separation Agreements
  • Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Actions for Support Unconnected with Dissolution of Marriage
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Parental Responsibility and Timesharing
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Attorneys’ Fees and Costs
  • Use and Occupancy of the Marital Home
  • Temporary Relief
  • Family Mediation
  • Modification of Support
  • Enforcement
  • Parental Relocation
  • Domestic Violence