Family Mediation

Family-MediationMediation is an informal and confidential dispute resolution process that is non-adversarial by design. Mediation has proven to be an effective and efficient method of resolving family conflicts.

The participants in the family mediation process are typically the parties, their attorneys and a mediator. Sometimes third parties, such as a guardian ad litem or a financial expert, are participants at mediation. All participants are bound by a duty of confidentiality. Except in limited circumstances, what happens at mediation cannot be shared with others outside of mediation.

The mediator is a neutral and impartial third party with no decision-making power. The mediator facilitates discussions between the parties with one objective: to bring about a voluntary, mutually-agreeable resolution of their disputes. In most instances, the mediator is selected by agreement of the parties.

The mediator’s job is to set the ground rules for negotiation, to keep the channels of communication open and to assist the parties and their counsel in their quest for workable solutions. Although a mediator may provide information and options for the parties’ consideration, only the participants are empowered to make a final decision. That means that nothing is decided until both parties are in agreement. That’s pretty powerful.

Family-Mediation02And it’s highly effective. Studies show that couples who resign themselves to having their family disputes resolved by a judge or law enforcement (a.k.a. strangers) in the first instance are more likely to do so where there are future conflicts. Mediation gives couples a more-user friendly and empowering process to resolve their disputes on terms acceptable to both of them and keep their family matters within the family.

At Mulhall Family Matters, we actively encourage mediation to our clients, as early and as often as is appropriate and necessary. Our job to help you and the other participants in the process reach mediation well-prepared to address whatever issues need to be resolved. That means securing from you and the other party information that will help us and the other professionals involved to understand what challenges exist and to suggest workable solutions.

Family-Mediation03In fact, we are such great believers in the empowerment that mediation provides, that John Mulhall has become a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. John is available to assist other family law professionals and their clients, or couples who have not retained counsel, in their efforts to seek a peaceful resolution of their family conflicts. John brings to the table two and a half decades of experience in representing clients in mediation, and he has read, studied, collaborated on and implemented some of the most innovative settlement techniques that are designed to bring family crisis under control or to an end.

To learn more about Family Mediation and the types of services that Mulhall Family Matters can provide, please give us a call.