HOW we do it

how-we-do-itWe know that family disharmony is often the result of a combination of factors. Financial pressures, marital infidelity, differing parenting styles, substance abuse and mental illness, to name a few, all present challenges that can weaken the foundations of a family.  Trust is usually the first casualty. Shame, heartbreak, bitterness and despair are not uncommon. Families in crisis often lack effective communication and dispute resolution skills, so even minor issues can become persistent and seemingly irresolvable problems. Your home is no longer a sanctuary. The stress can physically and mentally exhaust even the most resilient family member.

“Advice” on how to deal with family conflicts, particularly divorce, is plentiful and readily given. Books, magazines, television and the internet are flooded with dramatizations of family conflict and “how to” guides that offer conflicting and confusing messages.  Friends and family members who “have been there” freely offer their own (sometimes horrific) war stories, which might have deterred you from addressing your situation head on. But cookie-cutter solutions and street advice aren’t getting the job done. You need and deserve professional advice and assistance.

At Mulhall Family Matters, we have implemented a family-friendly approach to dispute resolution that is centered on personal and professional cooperation, rather than antagonism. We use the Peaceful Divorce Model, which was developed by John Mulhall along with two other family law professionals, Cindy Harari and Cynthia Tiano, which has proven to be a very efficient method of achieving amicable resolutions in numerous family matters. And when we need to represent a client in court, the Peaceful Divorce Model still provides family law professionals with a framework in which they can zealously represent their clients’ interests without destroying the family. In addition, our Fixed Fee Representation Model provides our clients with greater certainty about how their matter will be handled and what it will cost them, at a time when just about everything else may seem uncertain.