WHAT we do

what-we-doWe are family law professionals dedicated to providing you with a different kind of family conflict resolution experience.  We know that by the time you call on us, you have already spent countless hours contemplating how to best deal with your family’s issues.  You’ve been thinking, talking, reading and praying about nothing else. In quiet moments, you contemplate your future – and you find yourself imagining the worst.  You wonder when peace and calm will return to your life.

Now, when you seek out advice, you are not sure who you can trust and wonder how you will ever find a professional who is the right “fit” for you.  You want someone who will advise, protect and direct you in an uncertain time.  You want to know your options.  You yearn for closure, and the ability to move on.

At Mulhall Family Matters, we provide resolution-oriented family law services.  That means that regardless of the nature of the issues you want us to assist you with, we will be keeping our eye on the prize, namely, to get you and your family to a better place.  Our goal is to help you to attain greater peace, certainty and stability for you and your family, and to give you the tools to overcome the present challenges and to embrace the future.